BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD is an administrator for personal data and processes the given data and personal information in accordance with the Law for protection of personal data (EC) 2016/679. BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD collects, stores, organizes, deletes and destroys the personal data given by you. BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD exercises the powers in accordance with the tourism Law, statistics Law, and the Law of the local Taxes and Charges, accounting Laws and other normative acts, whereby it processes the register of personal data in connection with the following actions; the registration of bookings, processing the register for cash and cashless payments, processing the register for foreign tourists; processing the register for compliments and complaints, as well as all other activities in connection with the tourism services.

Information about us

BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD and/or The Administrator is a company registered with the trade register of the Registry Agency with UIC 206091998

Contact information in BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD, regarding the protection of the personal data of our clients:

BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD, Address: Old Town Quarter, 19 “Patriarch Evtimii” St., 2770 Bansko


Name, second name and surname, electronic mail, telephone number, ID, date of birth, citizenship, ID card number/valid national document foe identification, country of document origin, date of issue, period of stay, floor, room number/apartment, number of nights stayed, types and number of extra services stated and used at the hotel.


BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD observes the main principles introduced as mandatory when processing personal data: legality, good faith and transparency, expediency and precision, proportionality, accountability, completeness and privacy.


With the collection, storing and processing of your personal data, you have the right to information regarding the processing of Your personal data; corrections/filling in if your data is incorrect/incomplete – due to your initiation or that of BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD; deletion of personal data, in the case of lawful reasons, rights to limit the processing in the case of a legal dispute between YOU and BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD until it has been resolved, objections concerning the processing of your personal data, in the presence of lawful reasons for that; the right to a defense judicial or administrative order, in the case that your rights have been violated.


Category recipients, to whom personal data can be revealed.

-individuals, whom the personal data belongs to;
-persons, for the protection of the life and health of the person to whom the personal data belongs to;
-to persons when an enactment is predicted
-to persons in the case involving the protection of common interest
-to persons stated in the contract
-to persons, processing personal data

We do not reveal personal data to third parties, to foreign or international countries.


BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD stores the personal data for the period that is required by the applicable laws.


BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD imposes physical and technical restrictions to the access and usage of the personal information on their servers. Only authorized staff has access to the personal information which is used during their work process. BANSKO BEST TRAVEL – EOOD has determined an Official for the protection and securing of your personal information. With the purpose for maximum security in the processing of your personal information, we may use additional mechanisms for protection.

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